ASC Services


ASC Services

Simply put, DocCentric helps doctors overcome barriers to construct and operate their own ambulatory surgery center. We provide a turnkey solution to ensure an expedited path to opening and operating your own ASC.

Feasibility Analysis

  • Creation of pro forma that illustrates profits (or losses) the first 12 months and annualized projections for the first 3 years
  • Develop a written business plan suitable for use to secure financing, or recruit additional equity participants in the entity
  • Evaluate the target region to determine prospects for initial patient volume and future growth
  • Perform a reimbursement analysis on the expected procedure mix in the new ASC

Benefits of Surgery in the Office or ASC

ASC Services


Highest efficiency
Highest reimbursement



Highest satisfaction
Lowest cost



Highest quality
Lowest cost


To make it easier to fund the building of an ASC, we arrange financing plans that enable doctors to own part or all of their buildings. Our team’s expertise ensures you have enough information to make the best decisions for your business, and we reduce the hassles and headaches of the financing process.

Real Estate Development

  • Evaluate current land (or office space) inventory in preferred location to determine if any will meet the needs of the project and represents a good value
  • Work with commercial real estate broker to procure land if it’s determined that building a de novo center is needed


  • Work with architect firm to ensure facility meets regulatory requirements for permits, licensing and accreditation
  • Design a surgical facility that meets the needs of the surgeon(s), staff and patients it serves
  • Obtain competitive bids with reputable commercial contractors, supervise construction timeline and budget


  • Review state ASC regulatory requirements and prepare a written memorandum of key considerations
  • Development of OSHA policies and procedures
  • Development of clinical policies and procedures for the ASC and accreditation
  • Staff coaching for accreditation surveys
  • Create compliant patient registration and consent forms



Deliver professional services with flexible contract terms for ongoing operation success
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Equipment & Supply Procurement
  • Quality & Safety
  • Marketing


  • Full-service support for claims submission, payment posting, denials management, appeals and patient inquiry customer service
  • Certified coding review of all procedures performed in the ASC
  • Secure online bill payment
  • Advanced revenue cycle analytics

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